A Sacred and Protected Culture

  I have been asked by one of the greatest and strongest First Nations Female Elders to address the issues of sales of sweetgrass, sage, and other sacred items of the Native American religion to write a blog post on the traditions and keeping the cultural traditions sacred and respected.
Native American braided sweet grass  
  Traditions are the foundation of the soils below our feet throughout all races within this world. Without traditions there is confusion. Often times confusion of traditional respects of our culture and other cultures leads to hate and racism along with offensive mannerisms that lead a world to separation instead of togetherness. 
  Together we can RESPECT one another's culture and "Empower Cultural Connection" I use my website blog to educate the world of our culture on issues like this so that they can respect our culture and we in return can respect that of others. Without RESPECT in this world, we have nothing but separation. With separation, there is no connection and we all have to live together on this earth. Do you want to HEAL MOTHER EARTH or damage her more? Disrespect one another's cultures and you are cracking and weathering the soils below Mother Earth feet in which you dance upon. We are a traditionally sacred and protected culture. Let's protect the culture and not allow modern ways to confirm our traditions and culture into an entirely different culture of its own. 
A Sacred and Protected Culture
  Companies (non-native and Native companies) are benefiting from our culture and religion by selling sacred items that we Native Americans use for prayers. Do you ever see any Natives selling wine to those of the Catholic religion? Do Native Americans go around selling bibles or crosses to those of the Christian religion? No, you never see this happening. Traditionally our religion and culture should be respected and the sales of sage, sweetgrass, and other sacred prayer items should be banned. These are items that are traditionally obtained through gifting.  Whether you are Native or non-native we need to respect one another.
  I have seen those who practice witchcraft/black magic out in California even selling sage at powwows before they finally removed them. Know that if you are one that does this you are inviting in bad medicine and evil spirits by doing so. This can and will harm you and those around you.   
Smudging, for us Native Americans, is a very spiritual ceremony used for purifying while cleansing the spirit which involves the burning of sacred medicines. Traditionally, in Native American culture the practice of this ceremony involves these medicines: sage, tobacco, sweetgrass, and cedar. The teachings of our culture are passed down from generations. Unfortunately, there are those of other races and own race who benefit by altering the traditional foundations of our race and culture to benefit themselves. For everything we traditionally do and everything, the Creator blesses us with we use sacred pray items such as these medicines to give thanks to the one who provides for us. In doing so we know we will continue to be blessed. Please honor our request and respect our culture. Do not continue to sell our sacred pray medicines. If you are Native learn to share them with whom the Creator lays it upon you to do so. With this you will witness the blessings unfold before your eyes. We have a sacred culture and wish to protect it. 
chi miigwetch (thank you so much)
Sacred Sage Needs Protected

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