A Woodlands Native

  I am Ayasha, the owner of Fashion Ayasha. I am an Anishinaabe (Anishinabek) Woodlands Native. Anishnabek (a NISH eh NA bek) a name many Native American peoples in North America use to describe themselves; the word is loosely translated to “people of this place”. I, (Ayasha of Fashion Ayasha), am a North- Eastern Woodlands Native American Indian. The OjibweOjibwa, Chippewa, or Saulteaux are Anishinaabe people of Canada and the United States. The spiritual beliefs of an Algonquian are centered around the concept of Manitou. Manitou is the spiritual and fundamental life force that is omnipresent. Manitou also manifests itself as the Great Spirit of Gitche Manitou, who is the creator and giver of all life. 

Ayasha in SkyRide in Trees of Mystery Redwoods, CA 2019       

   An Anishnaabe that appreciates and respects the woodlands, I am one who utilizes what Creator provides for me. These gifts from natural resources should always be respected. The climate, environment, land and natural resources that are available to Native Americans are all gifts from the Creator. Lush rivers, woodlands, and oceans are what I love. Originally from Michigan in which I have moved back to from living in California for almost 7 years. 

  When I am not working, I enjoy traveling. I strive to go to the woodlands and waters often so that I can feel that connection my spirit needs. 

  Ayasha and Tachy in Beach in California

  Gathering from natural resources is part of being an Anishinaabe is what I enjoy very much. The characteristics of the Northeastern woodlands cultural area include the use of wampum as a means of exchange. Wampum consisted of small beads made from quahog shells Shells, stones, bark, wood, and many more natural resources are used by Anishinaabe people. Sacred shell beads of Eastern Woodlands tribes traditionally are used for currency, recording special events and marking exchanges for engagement, marriage, and betrothal agreements.

Red Jasper Necklace made by Ayasha of Fashion Ayasha


    Woodlands Native Americans hunt, fish, gather, traps, trade, creates, and much more. We enjoy what Creator has gifted us. Woodlands Native beliefs or practices are passed on from generation to generation. Perhaps the greatest impact of the Ojibwe on the world, however, is our very presence, our survival as a people. Keeping traditions is key to keeping our culture alive. 




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