Exercise Plan to Lose Weight

  There are several benefits to exercising. Just 10 to 30 minutes of exercise can be the most beneficial in your life. Exercise helps people lose weight and lower the risk of some diseases. Exercising regularly decreases a person's risk of developing certain diseases, including obesity, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure. Exercise can help a person age well.
Exercise Plan to Lose Weight
  Exercise can help almost any health condition. For most, losing weight is probably the most common fitness goal. People want to burn calories. When you workout you are creating a stronger immune system while building energy which helps with losing weight. Although the most effective and efficient method is through an invigorating aerobic workout this may not be the choice for everyone. There are several forms of exercise. 
  Aerobic exercise is very important, unfortunately, it's not as effective for overall health. Aerobic exercises, such as running, swimming or dancing, are activities that work your cardiovascular system. 
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  These forms of exercise can get your heart rate up and make you breathe harder. Aerobic exercise can reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and high blood pressure, and may even lower the risk of cancer. 
   Not all people like the faster-paced exercise such as aerobics. Some prefer a slower, more balanced type of fitness workout. Balance exercises improve your ability to control and stabilize your body's position. This type of exercise is particularly important for pregnant women and older people. But balance exercises can be beneficial for everyone, including people who have gained or lost a lot of weight. These exercises are also important for reducing injury risk. And most athletes can benefit from balance training to help them maintain balance during their sport activity. 
    Some examples of balance exercise are shifting your weight from side to side, standing on one foot, walking heel to toe, and usage of a balance board or stability ball. A few other most liked balancing exercises are tai chi, yoga, or pilates.
    Yoga Exercise to Lose Weight
      Yoga has plenty of weight lose poses. Yoga weight loss poses that will help burn fat, build muscle tone, and give you more flexibility. This is a great video plan on youtube that is perfect for developing your weight loss yoga exercise regimen. 
      The benefits of balance exercise are that it improves proprioception (the ability to know where you are in space), reduces the risk of lower-extremity injuries, such as knee and ankle injuries, and can prevent falls. 
      Flexibility exercises stretch your muscles and may improve your range of motion at your joints. They can improve your flexibility, and reduce your risk of injury during sports and other activities. There are two types of flexibility exercises: static stretching, in which you stretch a muscle without moving, and dynamic stretching, which combines stretching with movements. Flexibility exercises are intended to get your muscles used to the types of movement you'll be doing during some other part of your workout or sport. Many people who are very athletic practice flexibility exercises to help condition their body and muscles prior to a more aggressive exercise or sport. There are several examples of flexibility exercise. Some examples that I enjoy are stretching the hamstring muscles by sitting on the ground with your legs straight and leaning forward. Another one is stretching the calves by stepping forward with one leg and shifting your weight toward the front leg. You can also try stretching your thigh muscle by bending one leg back toward your buttock and holding on to your foot. 

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          Strength exercise, or resistance training, works your muscles. by using resistance. This type of exercise increases lean muscle mass, which is particularly important for weight loss because lean muscle burns more calories than other types of tissue. When people drop pounds, they can also lose muscle, so it's important to do resistance training to keep that muscle mass. Maintaining muscle mass is extremely important for keeping strong, no matter what age you are. By maintaining muscle mass with this form of exercise you will be able to keep the weight off. As you age losing muscle mass is more natural. This is why it is very important for older adults to do resistance training. Having stronger muscles throughout your body can make everyday activities easier. 
          Benefits of strength exercise include increased lean muscle mass (or prevention of its loss), increased bone density and reduced risk of osteoporosis, increased metabolism to help with weight loss or weight maintenance, and increased muscle strength to make everyday activities easier while lowering the risk of injury. Which is why it is very important for people to include this form of exercise in their workout regimen. 

            Some examples of strength exercise include using resistance bands and using your body weight for resistance, by doing push-ups, pull-ups, crunches, leg squats or push-ups against a wall. Lifting weights as well as using weight machines at a gym are other great forms of strength exercise. 
            You can tie in some of these forms of exercise together in your workout regimen. It's important to do different types of exercise and workouts throughout the week. This exercise plan will help you lose weight while also maintaining a healthy weight to prevent weight gaining. Variety in movement will help you get stronger, reach your fitness goals, and live a healthier life.


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