Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women

  The missing and murdered Indigenous women epidemic (MMIW) is a crisis issue currently affecting Indigenous people. This crisis affects the United States and Canada, including the First Nations, Inuit, Metis, FNM, and Native American communities. According to the National Institute of Justice, Native women experience violence of twice the rate of women in the U.S. in which over 1.5 million Native women have experienced violence, including sexual violence, in their lifetime. 
  The movement to raise awareness about the epidemic of native women going missing or being killed needs to spoken about through the red hand. The red hand symbolizes the voices of these women being silenced. 
Ayasha at New Years 2020 Sobriety Powwow
  When I (Ayasha) danced at the New Years Sobriety Powwow this year the red hand was painted on my face. As I prayed and danced, I felt these women's and children's' pain and suffering. I prayed for the missing to be found and healed and the murdered for their spirits to rest in peace. As the New Year rolled over each step of the dance, I imagined the harmony of the drums would echo in these women's and children's ears to provide the strength and a light of hope they will need. These women and children's hearts are aching to be returned home. The lonely feeling with emotions of hopelessness can pierce their spirits and weaken them. This is why it's crucial we all stand up against this epidemic and make a combined impact that influences the government to stop these Human Trafficking organizations and criminals. We need to be the voice for those who can't ask for help because they are being silenced. 
  A little young boy about the age of 8 approached me at the Powwow and asked me to explain to him why I am wearing a red hand on my face. I informed him, "It represents those women and children that are missing and have been hurt. I wear this red hand with a red heart full of prayers for those who have been hurt. I wear this hand to educate the world on the crisis Native Americans face." The young boy smiled and said thank you for caring about people. It is good to educate your children on the reality of this. Without awareness, there will never be change. Change begins with our generations and carries on over to the next generations. 
  The missing and murdered crisis American Indian and Alaska Natives face today need to be spoken about to educate others of the alarming rise in numbers. The tribes need to be heard by the government so that they can work together to put a stop to this horrific crisis. 
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 In efforts for the protection and bringing awareness to the reality of Native American, Alaska Native, and all women and children of all cultures across the world. 

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  As a Native American woman, I feel the need to give back to the women of many cultures and help in any way that I can. All women and children have the right to be safe and free from violence. By making efforts to reassure that women and children feel safe and free from this these forms of violence we can place pressure on the governments' efforts in implementing new laws, locating and rescuing victims, aftercare for these victims and preventing human trafficking and sex trafficking of women and children. Sexual violence against women and children is not only a criminal or social issue, but it is also a human rights abuse.


  For each Stop Human Trafficking Women's Relaxed Fit T-Shirt that is sold, Fashion Ayasha will donate a portion of the proceeds to Amnesty International. Amnesty International is a global movement of more than 7 million people in over 150 countries and territories who campaign to end abuses of human rights. funded by members and people like you. They are independent of any political ideology, economic interest or religion. No government is beyond scrutiny. No situation is beyond hope. Amnesty International also aids in the aftercare of those women and children who have been victimized by human trafficking and sexual abuse.


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  • ANgel DAsh-HArrison on

    Navajo native continued prayers…

  • Rosemary Bear Robe Young on

    Thank you..wopila tanka..for dancing for the Lost..your beautiful soul has made them aware..they are not forgotten..

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