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  We go where you go. Where ever you go, we go. A huge part of connecting with our consumers is connecting with things they like, that includes travel, vacation, and holidays. We are The Fashion Brand That Travels With You. We want to connect with you in any way we can. We feel if we connect with our consumers in the things they enjoy the most, we are able to culturally connect. Ayasha brand is devoted to being there with you everywhere you go.

  I (Ayasha), moved to California from Michigan about 5 years ago. I fell in love with California and all that it has to offer. Having traveled to many places I enjoy seeing different things and sharing them. Part of my culture and being who I am is traveling, seeing new things, trying out new adventures. Together, my husband and I go around to explore quite often. We enjoy connecting with others who also love traveling on adventures. 

  Lifestyle goals! Friends, sand, sun. Do you enjoy traveling to the beaches? There is nothing like the sands between your feet, watching the waves roll in like a roaring lion, and enjoying pure sunshine where the lands meet the waters. Embrace the great waters on the beaches any chance you get. The ocean provides a subtle connection that provides peace to your mental wellness. The sounds of the waters are healing. You deserve feeling the ocean breeze blowing in your face as the ocean salt tickles your nose. Beach vacations are breathtaking. The ocean is a way for you to take a break from your busy life. A visit to the ocean enables you to clear your mind while you separate your thoughts.

  The deep blue ocean waters opened widely spread across a world of much of the unknown to humans that exist above the waters. So much of the unknown exists within the deep ocean waters. The water provides a great habitat for many creatures we as humans know of as well as those we have not yet discovered. Snorkeling is something I would love to do. As a child, I recall using one of those little snorkeling sets to breath and see the inside ocean waters in Florida where I lived while my mom was based in the Army as a child. It amazed me how a snorkeling set enabled me to see what the ocean had to offer. Unfortunately, you can only see so much with one of those sets. It is definitely on my bucket list to one day go snorkeling as an adult.

  There are people who will state that the beach drains them. Myself, I feel a peaceful rejuvenation from the ocean. With as much as the beach has to offer, it helps to stay focused on relaxing when you visit the beach. If you are like me, then working at a desk for nearly 60 hours a week becomes overwhelming so much that it is hard to shut down the work mode in your mind. Do not let the sand bother you, instead appreciate every grain that slips between your toes. Focus on soaking up the sun rays, vitamin D is good for a person's mind. Vitamin D helps to prevent depression. Let the busy work noise in your mind be overtaken by the ocean waves rolling in. Enjoy watching the seagulls fly along the shoreline. Empower cultural connection by connecting with others while you are at the beach. My husband and I have met many people from all over the world by embracing cultural connection. If you happened to see us during our travels stop and connect.

  Maybe it is hiking you enjoy? There is plenty of places to hike, especially here in California. Ultimately, hiking is by far one of my most favorite things to do. This Saturday, I am taking the day off work so my husband can take me to Yosemite. I have been there before and just love it. There is so much there to explore. If it is one thing an Ojibwe (Chippewa) Native American appreciates it is the woodlands. Ayasha in Yosemite July 2015

 Yosemite has a gravitational pull that gives you a feeling of deeply connecting with nature. Yosemite has many beautiful, plunging waterfalls that can be seen. As some of the snow melts, spring is when the waterfalls begin plunging. The cascading mountains to be seen in Yosemite is absolutely breath-taking. Upper, Lower, and Middle Yosemite Falls combined make up the highest waterfall in North America, topping out at a prodigious 2,425 feet.

  In Yosemite, you can rent equipment at Half Dome Village, drop your boat in the water, and begin a water adventure that you will always cherish. Taking the day off work means making the most out of it. Enjoy the Yosemite as you float gently down the lazy Merced River. (A shuttle bus takes you back to the start so you can conserve your energy for other park activities.) Embrace the water by placing your hands within the current as you lay in an inflatable raft. The Yosemite’s granite walls are mesmerizing! You will be able to see them as you float peacefully along the river waters.

  While you are in Yosemite enjoy seeing the Half Dome. It is one of the most-photographed landmarks in the United States. At sunrise or sunset, you can see the Half Dome and other granite formations like Glacier Point turn pink. Glacier Point is located on the south wall of Yosemite Valley at an elevation of 7,214 feet, 3,200 feet above Half Dome Village. I love hiking woodland trails to see various animals like bears, deer, and much more! Yosemite also blooms many different, trees, flower and plants.

  Cargo pants Army, survival design is the best when you are hiking. They are durable, blend in with the outdoors, and comfortable. Cargo pants can also be used for camping, hiking, or any adventure you are going on. It is better when you are trying to hike to stay as comfortable and secure in your clothing as you can. My recommended choice is Women's Army Cargo Pants because they are made with high-quality fabric which leaves a soft, natural feel.  Women's Army Cargo Pants can found by clicking on the picture below. 

Women's Army Cargo Pants  

Women's Army Cargo Pants

  The first place I saw when I came to California is Vasquez Canyon. Vasquez Canyon is a popular road used by residents and cyclists near Santa Clarita. Off of this road, there is a place in the canyon they use to make films and commercials. My husband took me to see how many films have been made there.

Tachi and Ayasha at Vasquez Canyon in California 2014

  They have a tourist building which shows the history of film making in Vasquez Canyon. While we were there they had sectioned off a location where they were filming a commercial for a company. 

Hollywood Films made in Vasquez Canyon

   My husband and I are both Native American. He is from the Apache tribe and I am of the Ojibwe (Chippewa) tribe. As you may have noticed we enjoy connecting the earth in any way we can. It is important as you travel to connect to what the Creator has given you naturally. This is also why our brand feels the need to connect with our consumers by sharing traveling experiences also. Ayasha is the fashion brand that travels with you to Empower Cultural Connection. We go where you go. 

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