Why Is Heal Our Mother The Most Trending Thing Now?

  Why Is Heal Our Mother Earth The Most Trending Thing Now? As we are faced with a worldwide pandemic, we are also faced with the realization of what destruction the human race has done to Mother Earth. We have been destroying nature at an unprecedented rate, threatening the survival of a million species – and our own future, too. Ecosystems along with wildlife plants and animals are declining, the human population is taking over woodland space for natural resources that grow and lands in which wildlife lives and survives, and modern science is encroaching abusively on Mother Earth's existence and natural being. Humankind feels the need to rapidly expand farms and cities resulting in minimizing less room for wildlife. In October 2019, a worldwide Covid-19 Pandemic began impacting the rapidly evolving world in which we all became the way to comfortable living in. Mother Earth began to cry out as her weather cracked soul was screaming for a fresh breath of air away from the pollution of the human race.   

Environmental Impact on Mother Earth

  As the human race is now forced to sit back and witness what it is like for Mother Earth to breathe again after being smothered for thousands of years, it encourages people like myself (Ayasha of Fashion Ayasha and Founder of Heal Our Mother Earth), Travis McMillan (Co-Founder of Heal Our Mother Earth) and others to support Mother Earth in the healing process in any way that we can and preserve her well being. Mother Earth can be safeguarded, revived, and used viably while concurrently meeting other earth preserving goals through urgent and concerted efforts that cultivate born-again change. 

  It's all in your hands what can you do to help Heal Our Mother Earth? Will you be part of the destruction or reconstruction. You carry the future to the world in your hands and hold the key to preserving Mother Earth for future generations. 

Heal Our Mother Earth Hands

  Heal Our Mother Earth is a non-profit organization that was developed to combine all of our healing ways as a society in which we are doing to reassure that Mother Earth is protected and healed. This website is a Native American based organization but is open for the public to also share how they can and are helping heal this earth. This organization is founded by Ayasha Loya of First Nations Ojibwe and Odawa of FASHION AYASHA brand. Ayasha is also a water warrior. Along with Ayasha, Heal Our Mother Earth is also co-founded by Travis McMillan an Ojibwe and Odawa that is a firefighter and paramedic who sacrifices each day for the well being and health of others while also saving lives. The Fashion Ayasha brand owned by Ayasha believes and stands by the motto, "Empower Cultural Connection". Connect the people of Mother Earth and together you will have the ability to protect her.


Ayasha in her Heal Our Mother Earth Regalia

Ayasha CEO of Fashion Ayasha and Founder of Heal Our Mother Earth


Travis McMillan Co-Founder of Heal Our Mother Earth

Travis McMillan Co-Founder of Heal Our Mother Earth


  Each time a product with of Heal Our Mother Earth is purchased 100% of the proceeds go back into the organization. Here are just a few of the products that we have designed so far. 

Heal with Our Mother White Face Mask

If interested in purchasing one of these masks click on the mask title underlined below or picture above to go to the product:
Heal With Our Mother Earth MMIW Grey T-Shirt
If interested in purchasing one of these t-shirts click on the t-shirt title underlined below or picture above to go to the product:
Heal Our Mother Earth with Organic Herbs Mens Grey T-Shirt
If interested in purchasing one of these t-shirts click on the t-shirt title underlined below or picture above to go to the product:

  Heal Our Mother Earth initially began as a Facebook group in which I, Ayasha, and Travis McMillan felt the need to inspire the world and help preserve other Earth while also giving back to the human race in which exists upon this planet. Although, Heal Our Mother Earth is a Native American based non-profit organization it is not just for Native Americans. It is for the entire human race. We have discovered the concepts of Heal Our Mother Earth have invoked the spirits of the human race to pay closer attention to how they contribute to the preservation of Mother Earth. The group now is one of the most trending non-profit organizations today. Rapidly the group has been growing. With this growth and interest from the human race to Heal Our Mother Earth organization, we felt the need to expand on our services and opportunities. 

Shkaakaamikwe copyright Ayasha Loya

  As non-profit organization we are dedicated to preserving Mother Earth, providing for the needs of the elders and youth, supplying resources for aids in caring for others, organizing collaborated ideas for clean up of Mother Earth, and her waterways. During Covid-19 pandemic quarantine we have been able to encourage others to join in our efforts, provide medical supplies and natural healing medicine to others, educate the world how to grow their own food, and much more. Heal Our Mother Earth is planning to continue these services even after quarantine has lifted and there is a cure for the Covid-19 virus. Some of our future plans before and after quarantine has lifted also include the following:

  • Organizing and hosting a Heal Our Mother Earth Powwow open to the public
  • Organizing and hosting Heal Our Mother Earth sacred ceremonies that will only be available to Native Americans
  • Providing Heal Our Mother Earth educational programs online and in-person to all of the public
  • The teaching of Our Natural Medicines and the uses only available to Native Americans
  • Aid in planting gardens for the elders and providing them with seeds or plant starters along with the tools and skills if they ask for them
  • Art and Painting lessons open to the public
  • Organizing and carrying out group clean-ups of waterways and the lands of Mother Eart which will be open to the public
  • Offering a Heal Our Mother Earth learning camp in 2021 for children that are Native Americans 
  • Offering a Heal Our Mother Earth collaborated Make America Native Again camp and courses in 2021 for adults that are Native Americans who are wanting to learn how to build and operate their own business that is Native American related
  • Aggressively advocating and aiding in efforts for all tribal reservations to have water available to the residents
  • Advocating and bringing awareness while also donating to Murdered and Missing Indigenous women, men, and children
  • Working with other non-profit organizations to bring aid and resources to people 
  • Working close by Veterans to reassure they are safe and healthy while obtaining what it is they need to do so. Connecting them to services that can also help in reassuring an honorable Veteran is taken care of. 
  • Encouraging and organizing programs for Veterans that can give Veterans ample opportunity to help rescue Missing Indigenous 
  • Awarding people in their efforts towards Healing Our Mother Earth
  • Collaborating with other organizations that can help with the needs of children and adults throughout the world
  • Organizing fundraisers, contests, and raising money for the Heal Our Mother Earth organization which enables us to work towards completing our goals 

Learn more of this non-profit organization Heal Our Mother Earth on our website at https://healourmotherearth.academy/


"Empower Cultural Connection"

Connect the people of Mother Earth and together you will have the ability to protect her.

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