10 Pieces Every Woman Should Have in Her Wardrobe

Say goodbye to winter! Spring cleaning has embarked on us. It is time to sort through the closet, weed out what is not needed for the spring and summer, and add some fashion essentials to your Closet ListSpring is a time the sun begins to shine bringing fresh blooms to flowers and plants. It's important to bring new life to your spring/summer wardrobe.

Ayasha Model Spring Cleaning Closet

1. Off-the-shoulder tops remain in fashion demand this year. These style tops are noted for leaving you sexy without showing too much skin. Sexy and flattering these tops are a 1st essential wardrobe keep. A long sleeve sweater off the shoulder choice works great for keeping around in the event the weather is a bit cool. Off-the-shoulder tops are versatile. 

Woman Wearing Ayasha Off the Shoulder Black Sweater

  Black and White pair nicely with any other color or print. It is in your best interest to keep around or add a few selections of black along with a few off-the-shoulder choices in white for the spring and summer. This cute Off Shoulder Women Crop Top with a Vintage Style Polka Dot Skirt make a nice earth tone outfit for summer. 

Off Shoulder Women Crop Top

 For summer footwear it is suggested to choose a pair of flat bottom sandals especially if you are planning on traveling or visiting the beach. Flat bottom, leather sandals are one of my favorite because they provide extra support in steps when walking. These style of white sandals are a staple in my closet. 

Cute White Sandals

2. Leggings and Fit Crop Tops. Cream colored leggings are nice because they provide a sleek, modern skinny fit for any occasion. Elastic skinny fit leggings are perfect for any casual occasion in life. A wide selection of sandals should be found in your closet. Ranging from light to dark solid colors, a variety of prints, and many styles of sandals are one of the most fun addition to summer. Allowing your feet to walk in style while letting your feet breath are the best part of owning a sandal collection. 

Woman in Ayasha Designer Leggings and Crop Top

 Cream Leggings make traveling easy and lightweight. These Ayasha designer leggings are blooming with Ayasha flower logo right at the hip. Pair with a crop top for a daytime out on the town look, wear with a loose fit blouse for a casual, yet dressed up style, or match with an off the shoulder loose fit shirt for a sexy appeal. 

Cream Crop TopCream Leggings

3. Shawls are a must have in any women's closet. Choose your favorite shawl from your closet or begin exploring the idea of adding one to your fashion style. Versatile and fit for any occasion, a shawl can be worn day or night. This women's shawl is blooming with embroidered florals. A designer fashion necessity perfect for spring and summer. Floral Embroidered Shawl is a trending favorite for me.  This unique, lightweight floral shawl is a must-have for each women's wardrobe with the ability to pair well with shorts, leggings, skirts, or even a dress. Designed with a sheer, elegant poplin fabric, microfiber, and silk. 

Floral Embroidered Shawl

4. Handbags are a must to keep as a fashion accessory in your closet. A traditional, vintage style favorite of mine are basket handbags. This favorite of mine is a Basket Handbag with a tan woven design pressed with an Ayasha flower logo. This large leather tote handbag is a fashion trend must have for you. Tan color a staple in the fashion industry. Tan is such a versatile color that pairs well with other solid colors or patterns. 

This chic basket design represents the weaves we entangle together from nature's fabrics such as pine needles. As Native American women, part of our culture is basketweaving. Some may think it's a tradition that no longer exists, but on the contrary, my tribe and most other tribes still weave our baskets. Embrace empowering cultural connection with this classic style Basket Handbag.

Basket Handbag

5. A little Elegant White Dress for going out to keep a modern, classy look is sure to impress onlookers. Just cut above the knee this natural waistline, turtle neck dress makes a nice evening dinner or daytime lunch dress choice for the classy woman.

Elegant White Dress

 6. Women's Heels are a basic essential in women's wardrobes. Heels pair nicely with dresses, skirts, and even leggings. A selection of heels can be found in most women's closets. anything from dress to casual pumps with a range of colors and prints is available in my closet. I admire my heels collection so I keep them nicely tucked in a tote in my closet so that I can easily access them. 

7. Women's White Sneakers added to some shorts, leggings, or jeans and a cute top bring a casual daily spring and summer 

8. T-shirts are great for spring and summer because they can be worn with anything. White gives a fresh, modern look. While black, or any solid color plain or with a little design on them fit well also for any occasion. 

9. A small spring and summer jacket for the cooler days or evenings. 

10. Skirts are a fashion must. Styles from body sculpting, flare, and wrap around tie are trending this spring and summer. Skirts can be worn day or night and any occasion. 

  Organizing the closet and spring cleaning can seem dreadful. Make it fun. Create a list first of occasion you will need outfits for. Mix colors and prints up for complete outfits to fit your occasional needs. Restock essential wardrobe items for the spring and summer. Find a local place to donate your clothing that you no longer are in need of. Enjoy your spring and summer! Let me know how your spring cleaning went in the closet. 


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