Authentic Handmade Native American Jewelry

Fashion Ayasha offers authentic Native American jewelry that fits your casual style, dress style, powwow style, or everyday style. Most pieces in our Native American jewelry collection are bought directly from the artist, Ayasha Loya (or a close relative) who created it. We have developed personal relationships with many of the artists and often know the history behind a particular piece, and because we have decades of experience buying and selling we bring you the most authentic of what we have to offer. 


 This a great example of high end handmade Native American Jewelry.

Authentic Handmade Native American Abalone Dentalium Shell Medallion Necklace

Authentic Handmade Native American Abalone Dentalium Shell Medallion Necklace


There are benefits to buying Native American jewelry from a reputable dealer like Fashion Ayasha  :

Price. Because we directly create from our artist, Fashion Ayasha eliminates a middleman markup, and we pass the savings on to our customers. Our jewelry is priced below many suggested retail prices.

Quality. We possess unmatched expertise in Native American Indian art. We are highly selective about what we carry—only the finest handmade pieces.


Shop Native American Jewelry Online at Fashion Ayasha Jewelry Collection.

Green Native American Drop Earrings

 Green Native American Drop Earrings

"I (Ayasha of Fashion Ayasha), truly enjoy making handmade Native American jewelry. Deeply rooted in natural resources, I take pride in each piece I make. There is a connection with each piece I make because I harvest my natural resources, gain resources by trade, or specifically purchase supplies for a particular piece."

Native American Handmade Jewelry

"I (Ayasha of Fashion Ayasha), love gathering stones to create fine pieces of jewelry. Stones are healing. Each stone has individual characteristics that hold a healing agent. 


Healing Stones by Fashion Ayasha

You may find a piece of authentic Native American jewelry that strikes your fancy at another store, however, and there are some simple tests to help you determine if a piece of contemporary or antique Native American Indian jewelry is authentic or not.

First: price may be your guide. A higher price tag is not a guarantee that the jewelry is handmade by a Native American or that a turquoise ring has a high-quality stone, for instance. However, Fashion Ayasha offers fair prices; anything significantly lower may be a red flag.

Second: You are guaranteed a fine piece of jewelry created from natural resources. 

Third: Fashion Ayasha guarantees the artist of the Native American piece is a genuine Native American that handmade it. 


Authentic Handmade Native American 24kt Gold Seed Bead Buffalo Bone Necklace

Authentic Handmade Native American 24kt Gold Seed Bead Buffalo Bone Necklace

Each piece of Native American jewelry on our website and in our store is unique—a one-of-a-kind creation, just like you! If you find a piece that catches your eye, please check out our sizing guidelines for rings, bracelets and necklaces to make sure the piece literally fits you. If you don’t find something that fits your style, contact us to let our personal shopper help you find something in our larger in-store collection.

 Shop Native American Jewelry Online at Fashion Ayasha Jewelry Collection.

If you are looking for a custom piece to be made, feel free to contact Ayasha of Fashion Ayasha) at

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