Disney Inspires Fashion Designer and Artist

Since I, (Ayasha Loya) of Fashion Ayasha was a young child I was inspired by Disney to be creative. From humble beginnings, as a child, Disney has successfully has been one of many that inspired me to become an artist and fashion designer of my own brand called Fashion Ayasha. Now as an adult I do all I can to inspire children just as Disney has inspired me. Below is a photo of my niece, Ashley, and me a few years ago when she asked me to teach her how to charcoal sketch a set of ballerina shoes. While we created these masterpieces we spoke about Disney Films and characters.
For myself, it is necessary to reflect on my greatest inspirations which have built the foundation of my creativity. I (Ayasha), also feel it is helpful to share this information with others so that I may inspire them. Your foundations of creativity are what bind your ideas together. I find it helpful to go back to all the companies such as Disney as well as individual artists and creatives who have influenced me because it energizes me to create more. Their journey to success is led by key steps in reassuring a great successful business story. 
A genuine folk hero of the 20th century, Walt Disney is a legend. His name, in American tradition, represents imagination, optimism, self-made success, and creativity. Walt Disney did more than open my heart, mind, and emotions. Through his successful work, Walt Disney has provided me with joy, happiness, and inspiration.
From Powwow to the canvas I had fun playing with Polly the Aztec parrot at the Fresno State  Powwow in Fresno, California. Inspired by none other than Disney and the man himself, Pablo Picasso. I had been studying this master artist. I had also been viewing a television show titled, "Genius" which tells of the life of Picasso. Picasso's way of thinking and childlike behavior has truly inspired me to change my style of art and try something new.
This painting "Polly" was created from a photo taken of me at the Powwow in Fresno California 2018 while I was holding the Aztec parrot. It was comical because the parrot wanted something to eat and I did not have a cracker so I offered him some of my coffee. I specifically asked him, "Does Polly want some coffee?" Everyone was laughing because this parrot was so big and I'm a petite woman.
To have fun creating a new oil painting I came to the conclusion this photo would be the perfect reference. I found it to be exceptionally entertaining and inspiring but rather difficult to dig deep within for my inner child to paint childlike portraiture of myself.                                    
For nearly a century, The Walt Disney Company has created entertainment of the very highest quality. From humble beginnings as a cartoon studio in the early 1920s to the Company of today—which includes Pixar, Marvel, Lucasfilm, Searchlight Pictures, and 20th Century Studios, along with Disney Parks and Resorts around the globe—Disney continues to provide timeless entertainment and products for the entire family.
Fashion Ayasha recommends that you explore their magical collection of Disney clothing for girls with t-shirts, socks, accessories, & more featuring Moana, Belle, Minnie Mouse & more. The mission of The Walt Disney Company is to entertain, inform, and inspire people around the globe through the power of unparalleled storytelling, reflecting the iconic brands, creative minds, and innovative technologies that make theirs the world's premier company. This is why Fashion Ayasha admires Disney's success as a company.



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