DIY Tips to Organize Your Closet


Organizing your closet can be fun if you are ready to explore and make it your own. Empower your fashion senses to provide for your fashion needs by learning a few fashion DIY closet tricks.  

 Avoid standing there looking confused and overwhelmed by keeping things organized. When my closet is a disaster, it's confusion. I like to keep it well organized because it enables me to pair outfits more efficiently, keep track of what timeless pieces I have in my closet, and decide what to wear quicker. Take a look at all your clothes. Evaluate what you have worn in the past year. Keep what you have worn within the past year. If it doesn't fit, don't keep it. The excuse all of us women are guilty of using is, "Well, someday I may fit in it again!" Again, this is an excuse because realistically by the time you fit in it again it may be outdated fashion. If you are thinking fashion sense then you will part with what does not fit. What you haven't worn donate it. What is too torn or in poor condition then throw it in the garbage. You will be surprised by what you are able to donate. I came up with three garbage bags full of nice donations when I cleaned and organized this time. 

Woman Trying to Figure Out What to Wear by Ayasha

1. Organize according to colors. New arrivals of colors are coming in with the spring and summer season. Preserving the darker colors and organizing them is essential to keeping timeless pieces put away for the fall and winter fashion seasons. As spring and summer seasons are here keeping easy access to a new collection of pastels and light airy colors is imperative. Let the changing of the seasons determine the planning of your fashion calendar. Allow the seasons to guide you in reorganizing your wardrobe for the seasons. 

Organize Clothes by Colors Ayasha

2. Organize according to garments and textures. For example, short sleeve blouses of the same color should be next to one another, while long sleeve blouse of same colors and textures should set next to one another, etc... By keeping the garments and textures organized by similarities this will help in deciding an outfit. 

3. Hanging shelves help cut down on clutter by filling the under-utilized vertical space in a closet. They provide a place to store your folded items. This is a great opportunity to stack up your favorite jeans, leggings, and shorts. Stacking soft colors of sweaters is inspirational to the spring and summer. These color-coordinated sweater stacks provide easy-go-to access on cool spring or summer nights.  Pink Knitted Sweater Collection


 4. Suit protectors. Keep dust and lint off your suits by keeping them in a suit protector bag. These are also great for travel or storage. I enjoy using mine to cover my regalia while keeping it hung. This way it's easier for me to grab all my regalia at once while heading out to the powwow. 

Coat Protector Bag

5. Place items in your drawers in the order you get dressed. Underwear, socks, and other personal items go in the top, tank tops shirts, pants, and other outerwear items go in the bottom drawers.

6. Unique storage bins are a great way to organize things like hats, scarfs, bags, etc... Basket bins are strong, durable, and look good. They are versatile storage bins easy to carry around. Use these unique types of containers—consider a matching set of baskets—to hold accessories and clothing that can’t be hung, such as socks and undergarments. Smaller baskets can store a single type of accessories, such as scarves or hats.Wicker Basket by Ayasha Loya

7. Good Quality Hangers are worth investing in making or buying. The texture of the hanger aids in keeping the garment from slipping off the hanger. I prefer the velvet-lined hangers from Cotso for the type I purchase. I also enjoy making wood hangers from nature and recycled hangers. If you are a DIY person you may like this cute DIY wooden hanger. I love making these hangers. These hangers are eco-friendly, last long, an inexpensive. You can gather the wood from outside and the hardware can be purchased from Lowes or recycled from old hangers. Recycling from old hangers is the best option for eco-friendly. I will be making a DIY Closet Gadgets post in my blog soon to show step-by-step on how to do this. 

DIY Wooden Hanger by Ayasha

8. Get creative. Not everything has to be used for its intended purpose. Use a piece of wood from nature for belts, necklaces, or scarfs. The hook hardware can be purchased from Lowes or recycled from old furniture pieces. Recycling from old hardware is the best option for eco-friendly.  You can also buy an inexpensive small piece of wood from Lowe's to make one. I will show you a DIY of how to do this in my next blog post about DIY Closet Gadgets.

Driftwood Hanger by Ayasha

9. Wooden Woven Baskets are a favorite rustic, trendy addition to organizing your closet for this year. Baskets for Organizing Closet by Ayasha

10. Plastic Storage Bins for shoes. Easy to organize. Stack easily. Keeping shoes contained is necessary for keeping them preserved, plastic totes are best for storage.  

Heels Collection by Ayasha Loya11. Don’t throw those cardboard wine dividers in the recycle bin just yet! There are ways for you to put it to good use. If you struggle to keep shoes organized in your closet or don't like to throw them in a storage bin.  A wine box is perfect for separating shoes. Decorate the outside of the box with material and spray Elmers glue. It is also nice to get a can of spray paint with primer included for painting the outside of the box then decorate it if you wish. If you want to just use the dividers then try inserting those dividers into a basket or tub and use it as a clever DIY shoe storage solution.

12. Use spacers to separate different things. Keeping things color coordinated, categorized, and neatly organized makes it easier to decide what to wear while grabbing the necessary things you need faster. Keeping clothing visible will help cut down on future messes or hoarding. Clear visibility also will give you options for your wardrobe and give you the ability to think faster when creating an outfit for the day.

13. Invest in some of these cute foldable storage bins. They can be purchased at Walmart, Lowes, or any other home store. They are cute, foldable, and hold a good amount of things. These storage containers help keep the top shelf of your closet well organized and fashionable. I use mine for jeans, leggings, shorts, and mini skirts. You can easily use a permanent marker on the handle or hang a cute tag to label each baskets contents. I prefer to keep them unmarked for a more modern, clean look. 

 Foldable Storage Bins


14. Purchase a scarf hanger to keep all your scarves hung nice and neatly in your closet. These can be purchased inexpensively at any home goods store. 

Scarfs Hanging Ayasha

15. Buy plastic storage bins to fit your summer sandals. This keeps your sandals easy to access and free from dust while staying organized. I can fit 4 to 5 pairs in one storage bins. 

Sandals in Storage Bin in Ayasha Closet

 16. Buy a small closable plastic bin for sunglasses. This helps keep your glasses from getting scratched, stores them safely, and keeps them close to all your wardrobe. 

Ayasha Sunglasses

 17. Store bags, belts, ties, scarves, and other accessories in plain sight on hooks or racks, which can be attached to the inside of your closet door. You can buy over the door hangers for a low cost at any home goods store. 

18. Keep jeans stacked nicely together. Organize them from most liked brand to least. Remember to keep colors coordinated while stacking jeans. 


19. Keep and iron, ironing board, and can of starch in your closet. Staying fresh and crisp in your outfit is crucial to being fashionable. Being fashionable comes with taking care of your wardrobe. It is essential to looking your best. 



 20. Keep handbags organized. One way of organizing them if you have plenty of space is lining them up nicely on a shelf. Another way to store handbags is by putting them in a storage bin or basket. I enjoy hanging my handbags. I hang them by seasonal trending colors. Pink Handbag Ayasha

  Preserving timeless fashion pieces can easily be done by remaining closet organized. Once you have your wardrobe established you want to make sure you take good care of your clothes so they will last. This is how timeless pieces become a staple in your closet. Maintaining and repairing your belongings is a huge part of living a zero waste lifestyle. Learning how to maintain and care for your wardrobe on your own is a huge part of treasuring your favorite fashion finds. Keeping your closet organized provides a fashion habit that is essential to being fashion savvy.

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