Empower Cultural Connection

  Turquoise Birch Forest Tan Leather Ayasha Flower Designer Dress
  The connections between dress and both individuals and collective identities continue to be of interest to scholars and practitioners in the world of fashion and dress. Fashion is a driving force for community and unity. Communicating and connecting to culture through fashion empowers strength and great confidence. Fashion Ayasha brand believes if you feel confident in what you wear then you are Empower Cultural Connection and build strength from within. Confidence also comes from knowledge about what fashion style you are presenting to the world. 
 Fashion Ayasha is a new brand created by Indigenous Ojibwe Fine Artist and Designer Ayasha Loya. She is a female, Native American, a veteran who developed her business from her creative strengths and cultural talents as a woman. Her goal is to provide culturally diversified products in a connected creative fashion with the ability to "Empower Cultural Connection" through her designs. Ayasha embraces her Ojibwa roots in which the flower logo represents.  
  An eastern woodlands tribe, Ojibwa is also spelled Ojibwe or Ojibway, also called Chippewa, self-name Anishinaabe, Algonquian-speaking North American Indian tribe who lived in what are now Ontario and Manitoba, Can., and Minnesota and North Dakota, U.S., from Lake Huron westward onto the Plains. Ayasha is from the great lakes state of Michigan. Their name for themselves means “original people.”
  Fashion Ayasha brand name offers a wide range of products to fit everyone's unique sense of design and style in today's modern world with a twist of traditional indigenous roots. Our designs are carefully curated to provide the latest trends to our customers in a uniquely deep-rooted cultural fashion. To keep our customers in style we post new arrivals daily. Ayasha presents you with a timeless addition to the fashion industry derived from deep-rooted traditional Native American cultures and beliefs. Check out the brand's Fashion Ayasha Logo collection and other collections to Empower Cultural Connection. 
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