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Ayasha Fashion Model
What drives you to go shopping online?
"I love shopping online! Everyone knows these days shopping online makes shopping much more convenient! Unlike shopping in the mall, there are many stores to choose from when shopping online. If I don't want to be bothered by a sales person when I am shopping I don't have to be when I am online whereas, physically in a store I do. There is a thrill of adding new things to my shopping cart online! That thrill does not stop at the checkout, I love receiving packages in the mail! I shop to fill my closet with pieces I enjoy wearing. Ayasha brand has a wide variety that helps me fill my fashion needs. I enjoy her limited edition pieces because I know not everyone will be able to wear them and I am investing in a one of a kind piece!" ~Meghan
Ayasha response: 
 "Ayasha brand is excited to hear you enjoy your online shopping with the new brand. Providing limited edition pieces helps me fill the gap in my consumers' closet while providing them with timeless pieces worth investing in. Many of our designer handbags are limited editions. I (Ayasha), curate my designer handbag collection based around my brand to envoke connection between what you are wearing and the accessories you need. Ayasha brand strives to create versatile pieces that can pair easily be mixed and matched. For example, a solid color shirt with some pants or a skirt would look excellent with this Birch Bark Two Tone Shoulder Handbag. If you are looking for a more dressy look, this unique handbag would also look great while wearing a sold colored dress or floral print."
 How does Ayasha empower you?
  From a young mom in her late 20's, "Absolutely amazing! Ayasha helped me to grow confident in my own skin and love who I am even after having a child a few months ago. I feel empowered to encourage other women to remain stylish and sexy even after they have had a child. I purchased this Elegant Maxi Dress from Ayasha a few months after having my little girl. The material is soft and delicate. It looks very nice. I feel so beautiful in this flowing maxi dress!"~ Elizabeth. 
Ayasha response:
"You are definitely beautiful inside and outside. Dressing fashionable helps build confidence and strength while Empowering you to love and embrace your inner spirit." 
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Blue Maxi Dress by Ayasha Fashion
What prints are attractive to you?
"Snake and leopard print is now at the peak! And if you still doubt whether to buy this print, go to zara, see the prices, and order on Ayasha. With Ayasha I get the connection to nature through her designs because she shares her culture. This gives a better understanding of why she uses elements of nature and other things. I bought this cute Party in Snakeskin Dress from Ayasha. I love this pattern. It's trending, looks good alone or with a blazer, and is made of good quality."~Sabrina
Party in Snakeskin Dress with Flowers by Ayasha
Ayasha response: "I enjoy using snakeskin prints because of the texture and earthy colors when designing timeless fashion pieces. Although, I am scared of snakes. Among the Native American Ojibwe tribe, snakes are seen as dangerous but also powerful, and they have been considered one of the major spirit animals of the Midewiwin medicine society Just this month I was chased by a rattler when harvesting sage her in California ."Party in Snakeskin by Ayasha review from consumer
  What do you find you enjoy about Ayasha fashion brand clothing? 
"I mostly enjoy the fact that Ayasha goes where I go! This makes my life so much easier when shopping. I know with Ayasha when I travel either to the beach or go hiking, daily everyday wear, work, or any other event the brand has something for me. With Ayasha I get a unique experience because of the brand ability to connect with me no matter where I am. The ability to relate to the brand is phenomenal!  I purchased these Women's Army Cargo Pants because I enjoy hiking. Through the blog here I learned that Ayasha also enjoys hiking which makes me feel more confident in knowing that the brand is aware of what comfort is needed when hiking. This is what made me want these cargo pants the most!
I enjoy reading the blogs Ayasha writes and watching her Youtube channel. I find them educational, impactful, and unique. When the brand travels, Ayasha writes about the journeys. Ayasha informs and educates on the Native American culture while letting consumers know how she connects her brand to her traditional Native American ways of life, making me as a consumer feel more connected to the brands' culture." ~ Yasmeen
Women's Army Cargo Pants by Ayasha
Do you find Ayasha brand to be trendy?
"Yes of course. Although one's perception may be that the brand is only for Native Americans, this is untrue. Ayasha seems to incorporate her traditional Indigenous culture into modern fashion trends to keep up to date with the demands of consumers like myself. All women enjoy wearing something that is trending but unique from the standard fashion trends. With Ayasha she provides a wide variety of trendy elements from standard prints, patterns, and solids with an Indigenous twist." ~ Katelyn
Ayasha Response: "I enjoy designing very much. Designing fashion is a unique fine art of its own. Keeping up with the trends is something I enjoy doing when I am designing. I spend most evenings watching the Fashion Channel live on Amazon Prime. As the models from around the world glide down each of the runways, I (Ayasha) carefully study each piece of fashion that the model is wearing. This enables me to analyze how it is I can incorporate my culture into fashion elements from the Fashion runways to create unique timeless pieces which Empower Cultural Connection between the consumer and my brand." 
Ayasha Summer Fashion Model
  "As a brand, it’s our goal to make the lives of our customers easier while also Empowering Cultural Connection. Our customers enjoy knowing all about our brands' culture. Your consumers will return to you if you are solving a true need for them in a way they appreciate while involving yourself in their culture and also involving them in yours. We cannot expect the consumer to understand what is acceptable to us or visa-versa if we do not connect in that unique cultural way. For me, building a strong relationship with my customers means truly understanding them as people. I find building a brand to be an adventure that the consumer and the brand get to journey on together.  
  Our brand focuses on being as transparent as we can with the consumer while encouraging them to embrace cultural connection as well. This is one reason I feel it is necessary for my brand to also work with manufacturers of other cultures while reassuring fair and ethical treatment for all who I am connected within the fashion industry. I am a professional fashion designer with a goal to inspire confidence and trust with my clients and make a genuine effort to understand what it is my consumer needs. There is not a brand out there that is perfect. But given the major impacts of fashion supply chains, it’s important for all brands to at least have the intention and plans to continue to improve in any way they possibly can. Change begins at home base with anything we do. Brands need to begin change within their company so that the rest of the world will comply with our demands for fair and ethical treatment. Things like committing to only use fair trade and organic cotton can be impactful. In this day and age — with consumers buying products made by global supply chains, and with issues of human trafficking, child labor, worker abuse, and environmental violations — consumers have a right to know how their purchases are made and be able to see the evidence to back it up. Where my products are produced can be found on my website at the bottom of the homepage in a Products Detail page. 
  I (Ayasha) constantly aim to understand what it is my consumers deeply care about, their passions, their connection to nature, dreams, beauty, and lifestyle. For example, I know many of my consumers are passionate about the earth, nature, and spiritual wellness. These elements of life help me relate to them and understand who they are as people because my culture dives deep into all these things. In turn, that helps me build a brand that speaks to them as humans, not as just a buyer. This for me is why it is also necessary to incorporate beauty and lifestyle with fashion. In reality, they all mesh together. In reality, I don't just throw on an outfit without thinking of what I am going to be wearing as far as makeup or where I will be going first. Just as I don't journey on hikes deep into the woodlands without first thinking how my lifestyle impacts my health, beauty, fashion and so much more. I (Ayasha), as a Native American, have the ability to share all with you that I am able to through fashion, beauty, and lifestyle. This brings great satisfaction knowing that I can connect with you this way.
  My goal is not just to sell to them, it’s to build a brand that will Empower Cultural Connection with them so that we have a better understanding of one another and respect each other. When you see the Ayasha flower logo I want you to think of Cultural Connection. I (Ayasha) want the flower to be a symbol of a great connection that is unique and forever blooming." ~ Ayasha
Ayasha Logo

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