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  Covid-19 Pandemic began changing the way consumers shop. As most states and cities within states had been forced to go under lockdown at the beginning of the Covid-19 Pandemic, nonessential businesses were ordered to close, and consumers typically, now avoid public places. Limiting shopping for all but indispensable essentials are becoming a new normal. Although physically located brands are having to adapt and be flexible to meet changing needs, Fashion Ayasha has incurred fewer complications in having to adapt. Our brand and the systems that operate our brand have been built around online shopping experience. Fashion Ayasha has been able to serve our consumers online and physically since the brand was established in 2018.   

  With the closing of most physical stores due to Covid-19 Pandemic consumers are being forced to learn how to shop more online now than ever. Although this can be a tough process for some to get used to, Fashion Ayasha is always here to walk you through it and help in any way the brand can to reassure you not only learn the process of shopping online but that you also are reassured our brand is keeping your data safe and secure. 

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  Consumers want to know if their payments are secure and their data is safe. The first thing to know is that the Platform and network Fashion Ayasha uses is PCI compliant. The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) was founded by all the big credit and payment card companies – American Express, Discover, JBC, MasterCard, and Visa – to encourage companies to implement a standardized set of security measures to prevent fraud. What this means is that – since the credit card companies are often on the hook for credit card fraud – they have a vested interest in reassuring they keep the financial data safe. Rest assured it helps our consumers to know that Fashion Ayasha and/or it's financial payment systems don’t retain credit card or personal customer info from your eCommerce transactions. The data needed to authorize a transaction is passed directly through to the banks. So “hacking” into the Fashion Ayasha network and it's financial payment system just won’t pay off because there is nothing in there to get to. The transaction passes right through. Ultimately, your customers' credit card info is as safe as your payment processor’s systems.


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  In some cases – maybe even most cases – Fashion Ayasha merchants use Shopify Payments. Shopify is our brand's financial payment system. Since Shopify is not a bank, they are using a professional, third-party processing company to process payments. All this means is that – even if you are using Shopify Payments – credit card data is not being stored on the Fashion Ayasha website or on Shopify’s computers. You can read more about Shopify's PCI Compliance here. 

  Essentially, people are coming to terms with the realism of our interconnected world and how difficult it is to temporarily separate those connections to others or online shopping. As time goes by, those who may never have shopped online before are now witnessing online shopping is more convenient. Online shopping enables you to shop while staying in the comfort of your own home and the merchandise you order to be delivered right to the front door. Fashion Ayasha brand has discovered elderly people and others who are not familiar with online shopping are learning the online shopping experience and enjoy the ease of the transactions with the brand. Fashion Ayasha brand is dedicated to helping our consumers with the experience of online shopping and completing transactions while reassuring your payments are safe and secure along with your data.

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  Always remember no matter which website or brand you are shopping online with to look for the security lock logo on the website address link. This helps you verify you are on a safe and secure website and that it is also the official website of the brand.

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  If at any time you need assistance with shopping online with Fashion Ayasha brand feel free to contact Ayasha directly by phone at 231-250-1260, by emailing me at, or message me here on the website or through Facebook messaging system. 


  Fashion Ayasha brand thanks you for your time and dedication to the brand we built that "Empowers Cultural Connection." 



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