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The most consistent aspect of the Mickey Mouse universe is the characters. Why not enjoy the cute mouse and other characters running around your house this Christmas Holiday Season? Has Covid placed restrictions in your child's life leaving them feeling as if they are running out of fun activities, DIY projects, and other things they would normally enjoy in life? 


Fashion Ayasha Kids

Start your child off with their first fun, interactive Fashion Ayasha Kids activity by reading this blog with them and completing the tasks. Begin by clicking on the link below this cool Mickey Mouse t-shirt that they can personalize by putting their name on it. Show them on the computer keyboard how to type and spell their name in a Disney inspired way.

Now Fashion Ayasha has decided to make a new Fashion Ayasha Kids Blog that will include fun activities for you to do with your child. It is crucial during these isolated times to find what interest your child and feed their creative mind to keep them happy and inspired. Children who enjoy Disney also enjoy hands on interactive learning, DIY projects, and art. Now through Fashion Ayasha we are taking our affiliate status with Disney to a whole different level. 

Fashion Ayasha is an affiliate of Disney. We take part in sharing, supporting, purchasing, and blogging about their wonderful products. Through our new Fashion Ayasha Kids Blog will be offering you fun learning activities, DIY projects, and much more by utilizing this blog to supply you with information, resources, and supplies from Disney and Fashion Ayasha. You will find this blog packed full of educational information, learning activities, art lessons, customizable personalized products, and DIY Learning videos and activities. 

Fashion Ayasha Kids provides the second learning activity in this blog with this customizable kids Christmas coloring book. Click on the link below the coloring book to go directly through our manufacture to participate with your child in designing their Christmas coloring book. These coloring books are a great way for your child to gift a family member with a book of their treasured artworks.


Fashion Ayasha is proud to announce the affiliate connection between their unique brand and Disney. We strive as a brand to provide a unique products for everyone while supplying educational products and resources in any way we can. We understand being a parent (especially during Covid Pandemic) is not easy, especially when you are expected to be the parent and the teacher more often now than ever. That is why we are here to help make life easier as a parent and at-home teacher. Why not make it a remember able holiday season and Open Christmas Gifts with Mickey Mouse & Friends and Fashion Ayasha. "Learn and Grow"- Ayasha Loya of Fashion Ayasha

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