Red and Black Plaid Flannel Traditions of the Ojibwa

The red and black plaid flannel jackets have been a selection of the Ojibwa wear for many years. The Ojibwa are associated with plaid jackets, or "lumberjack shirts" which are in fact used in the country in colder regions like Michigan, Minnesota, Wisconsin, and Canada. My family still uses them in Michigan to go hunting. When hunting and living in remote regions, my people are more concerned with staying alive and warm than being fashionable.

These traditional red and black check plaid jackets are made of flannel. Flannel is a soft woven fabric, of various fineness. Flannel was originally made from carded wool or worsted yarn but is now often made from either wool, cotton, or synthetic fiber. Flannel is great for the cold, and a heavy flannel material button-up shirt can double as a jacket, too. I remember wearing one in the winter in Michigan. They keep the body quit warm while also providing red color to alarm other hunters of your presence in the area.Red and Black Plaid Flannel Tradtitions of Ojibwa by Ayasha Loya

The deep red and bold black colors of plaid always remind me of the smell of the woodlands on a crisp, cold morning. Now I enjoy designing fashion from the bold color combinations. Throughout my designs, many variations of the plaid pattern can be found. To remain traditionally and culturally connected to this versatile pattern, I will also combine the Ayasha Flower Logo. The flower logo represents my Ojibwa roots. I draw my inspiration from everything from nature, my cultural traditions, and what I am taught by my ancestors. I then attempt to incorporate my ideas into my designs, such as floral motifs, baskets I weave, my beadwork, artwork, and much more. 

Here is a t-shirt design I created for those who love to wear plaids throughout the year even in the spring and summer. 

Red and Black Check Plaid Firekeepers Floral Motif Women's T-Shirt by Ayasha Loya


These cute red and black check plaid women's have been selling like crazy! The bold red and black check is attractive. Consumers are reporting these boots are comfortable and stylish allowing them to wear them throughout spring, summer, fall, and winter. 

Red and Black Buffalo Check Plaid Women's Leather Boots -

Ojibwe still traditionally use the Red and Black Plaid Flannel for keeping warm and hunting. The pattern is a staple in Native American culture as well as a long-loved pattern for the fashion industry.  

Red and Black Buffalo Check Plaid Ayasha Shoes by Ayasha Loya

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