The Best Street Style and Daytime Looks for 2019

  Ayasha fashion is heating up this summer with new street style and daytime look recommendations for 2019. It is important to look your best this summer. Clothing affects self-confidence and enhances a woman's beauty. There is a direct correlation between what we wear and what we think of ourselves. Using different styles to boost your self-confidence should be a routine for each new season. Trends and brands are evolving at the beginning of each season as well as throughout the season. Streetstyles and daytime looks are fun because these styles making mixing and matching easy and fun! Colors and pattern mixing is essential when it comes to street style and daytime style fashion. For the woman who enjoys a classy and stylish summer look, here are Ayasha recommendations. 
  Street Style has been the fashion trend for a couple of decades. Street style is combined fashion well known for clothing you may see being worn on the streets. These styles are often flying off the shelves and sometimes run out of stock because of the high demand. Street style makes sense when you are looking for everyday wear that is fashionable and acceptable. On the runway, we have been seeing many animals prints, mechanical jumpsuits, and florals worn for an everyday street style look. Everyday elegance has become a big part of the fashion street style wear. This look includes a simple mix of elegant everyday clothes. 
  Street style fashion includes relaxed oversized looks with a sexy appeal. For example, this Black White Stripe Women's Off the Shoulder Blouse is a classic shirt for the summer and fall that can be mixed or matched with several bold colors to make a popping street look. Pair this blouse with some bold, solid color designer leggings, shorts, or a skirt or a complete stylish outfit. 
Black White Stripe Women's Off the Shoulder Blouse
  When it comes to a classy, fresh look for your daytime look go with this Women's Two Piece White Outfit Women's Two Piece White Outfit is the latest two-piece sexy outfit for the classy woman. This bright white classy outfit will have you ready for any occasion in no time. Designed at ankle length with a sash tie for that classy touch. This cute outfit can be worn during daytime, for a professional office look, a club wear, or even as a wedding outfit. 
Women's Two Piece White Outfit
  Army Green Casual Jumpsuit is a tapered jumpsuit designed with an army green premium material that is also a little lightweight to prevent you from getting too hot while looking fashionable in this cute jumpsuit. Stylish streetwear means bringing in the standard mechanical jumpsuit fashion that has been seen on the runways. When it comes to Army green color it's a natural earthly color that can be dressed up with vibrant colorful jewelry. 
Army Green Casual Jumpsuit
  Women Street High Waist Cargo Pants Set is a casual stylish choice for the woman who enjoys the khaki cargo look with a fashionable flair. For a complete attractive street-style look this cargo set provides the best look. Khaki blended high-quality fabrics with black for a chic, fashionable look. With this cute classic khaki cargo set classy meets sassy when it comes to street style fashion. 
Women Street High Waist Cargo Pants Sets
  Snakeskin Print Dress is a classic animal skin pattern dress for street style fashion or a fresh new daytime look with a connection to nature. Snakeskin print is a classic pattern is an excellent choice for spring, summer, or fall. This cute Snakeskin Print Dress can be used for a casual everyday look or a street style nature look. Pair with some heels or white tennis shoes. You want to look your best in a trendsetting python print. Designed for a comfortable fit that flatters all onlookers.
Snakeskin Print Dress
Click here for Snakeskin Print Dress
  Although there are no real rules to street style fashion it is a style that is often grouped by authenticity and a community of shared identities. Group identity with fashion trends is on the rise. The new generation is looking for identifying with something that they can relate to. With that nature is a major connection in which the new generations are tending to be interested in. When it comes to fashion incorporating what interests the new generation blended with the new trends and my culture is essential when I recommend street styles for my brand. 
  Nothing says it better than a simple bold black Ayasha logo t-shirt paired with some jeans and a blazer for a cute street style look. A classic black shirt goes a long way when it comes to street style. This Women's V-Neck Black T-Shirt is a classic casual style t-shirt featuring an arrow with the Ayasha flower logo set over it. Pair this classic black designer t-shirt with some leggings, jeans, or shorts for a stylish look.
Women's V-Neck Black T-Shirt
  Women's Snakeskin Blazer is made up of polyester, soft, lightweight and comfortable for spring and fall transitional time of the year. Women's Snakeskin Print Blazer is an attractive animal pattern blazer. 
Women's Snakeskin Print Blazer
  Floral Geometric Designer Track Suit is a street style 2 Pc summer fashion for women. The premium blend of fabrics provides a soft comfortable fit with this cute summer outfit. When it comes to my brand being the Ojibwe Native American I am, you will always see geometric patterns and flowers throughout my styles. This street style 2 Pc outfit is bold yet elegant making it wearable for casual or street style.  
Floral Print Geometric Designer Track Suit
Floral Geometric Designer Track Suit
  Daytime and Street Style Looks are important for expressing your identity of who you are and/or what you like. Putting an outfit together is similar to painting a self-portrait. You must include elements of culture through your style. Connecting to a brand that provides a rich, traditional culture is unique because it enables you to Empower Cultural Connection with others. That is what my brand Ayasha is all about Empowering Cultural Connection. Daytime and Street Style Looks is a fun way for me to share the current trends blended with my culture with the world. Culture is an essential foundation for the fashion industry. Our body is our canvas and our clothes are paint. Through clothing and accessories, we are able to express ourselves. Fashion helps us identify who we are, what interests we have, what we are connected to, and so much more. It is important for fashion consumers to thoroughly know the brand and what influences the brand such as their culture, trends, etc... With Ayasha I try to incorporate my cultural values. Elements within my culture that are important are found through my fashion. Even when it comes to daily wear and street style, I feel it is important to fuse together elements of my culture and the modern day trends so that others can connect with my brand and feel confident in what they wear. 

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