Traditional Techniques and Designs Implemented in Today's Modern Fashion Industry Part 1

  Traditional techniques and designs implemented in today's modern fashion industry. These traditional techniques and designs are the foundation of the top of the line fashion with Ayasha brand. 

  A great addition to an Ojibway's life is the gashkibidaagan, sacred icon to us Ojibwe. Gashkibidaagan is the Ojibwe name for a bandolier bag. Ojibwe men and women use beadwork to adorn their gashkibidaagan. Other materials commonly used when an Ojibwe is designing their gashkibidaagan are leather, velvet, wool, birch bark, and cloth. 

  Creating the gashkibidaagan is time-consuming. The materials needed to create one can be costly. With the wide variety of beads that are now available, there are endless opportunities when designing. With the use of 24kt gold seed beads, copper seed beads, and glass trade seed beads I (Ayasha) have begun beading my gashkibidaagan. First asking my elders what flowers are of importance to them, I then began by sketching out my beadwork pattern. This sunflower is the first I began with. It is the favorite of my Aunt Kathy whom I hold dear to my heart so I placed it on the left side of the gashkibidaagan. When designing the gashkibidaagan it is important to have great pride in what the Creator has enabled us to do. 

Golden Sunflower Head Beaded -

  You will see some of my beaded florals from this gashkibidaagan transformed onto my designs by use of modern technology. Traditional techniques and designs implemented in today's modern fashion industry and with Ayasha brand fashion. I will also be writing in my blog about the creation of my gashkibidaagan in steps (parts). This will enable you as the consumer to witness how traditional techniques and designs can be implemented in today's modern fashion industry with the use of modern technology and techniques. 



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