Utilizing Natural Resources of Our Environment in Fashion

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  For Ojibwe people like myself utilizing the natural resources of our environment in fashion is an inherited tradition. Animals skins are used for clothing, tied to our hair, and inside our moccasins. Birchbark, pine needles, shells and many more other natural elements are used in traditional designing for our regalias (our clothes worn at powwows), ceremonial clothes, and other forms or apparel. It is crucial that we protect and honor these resources so that they remain available for Indigenous people that use them in traditional fashion. Educating the world about this importance of Native American is where modern Ayasha fashion comes in. In Ayasha (designer fashion brand) we feel the need to use modern forms of design with traditional natural resources to Empower Cultural Connection. Empower Culture Connection for Ayasha means building confidence with the connection and trust between cultural difference. Our slogan also means building trust with the consumer, educating the consumer, and involving them in a different culture. The fashion industry is seeking a cultural connection and fresh brands. Ayasha wants to provide a fresh take on the fashion industry with a traditional cultural connection behind the brand. 

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  The different season is what brings us new natural resources. Spring and summer are right around the corner. As plants and flowers begin to spring up from the earth's weatherized soil Ayasha has begun releasing new designs for these seasons. Throughout the Ayasha clothing fashion, you will find many florals, plants, bark, and much more. Plants in Native American culture are regarded as sacred because of their ability to nourish and heal the mind and body. Flowers, plants, and trees are used as medicines, dyes, and much more. As Ayasha continues to design the blog and products descriptions will be updated so that you as a consumer stay well informed. 

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 Preservation for these natural resources is of importance to Ayasha. Using these natural resources traditionally exists today in the modern world, therefore, it is detrimental to speak of why traditional techniques still exist. What is the acceptable use of natural resources in today's world for Native Americans? How can you as a consumer help to preserve the natural resources for the tribes? How can the fashion industry benefit from Indigenous Fashion? Ayasha brand, through the blog, will answer all of these questions and many more in upcoming posts.

  Native American cultural traditions and the benefits of natural resources implicated in today's modern fashion can be seen throughout Ayasha brand clothing, enabling the consumer to Empower Culture Connection. 

 Empower Cultural Connection

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