Native People's United (N.P.U.)

Native People's United Men's T-Shirt represents N.P.A. (Native People's United) a new faction which means we are still finding our footing yet we are not like other factions. Our primary focus is on the people and rebuilding a strong Native American community throughout our daily lives. We focus on preserving the Native American culture and way of life. Openly, we speak out in regard to the harsh facts that Native American people forgot how to be Native Americans once again. Our objective is to once again obtain and preserve our natural roots system in which we came upon while preserving and practicing traditional ways of living within our culture. We strive on encouraging other Native Americans to act in ways that are more traditionally acceptable versus more modernized ways of living which have been introduced into the tribes over time. One of our main goals is to obtain the lands back and put an end to the 500-year siege. We believe in order to accomplish this goal we must first regain our integrity above all by acting according to our natural traditions which were instilled in our people many centuries ago.

Fashion Ayasha Brand Label is an affiliate of Native People's United (N.P.U.). Fashion Ayasha does not own nor operate Native People's United (N.P.U.). Fashion Ayasha designs t-shirts and other products for the Native People's United (N.P.U.) organization.