Original Oil Paintings

Museum Quality handmade oil paintings painted by Native American Fine Artist Ayasha. Paintings are usually done on canvas, birch bark panel heavily and other wood panels heavily primed and sealed. All originals come with an authenticity certificate from Ayasha.  

Oils are my preferred medium to work with. I began using oils in 2014. There are quality advantages for oils. The main advantages are their flexibility and depth of vivid color. Oils can be applied in many ways such as from thin glazes diluted with turpentine to thick impasto. Because it is slow drying, I am able to continue working with the paint much longer than other paint mediums. Oils provide me with a better opportunity for layering and blending. Oils allow me to create a richness of color as well as a full range of tonal transitions and shades. 

Almost all of the finest artists since the Renaissance have produced masterpieces using oils as their favored medium. Except for Michaelangelo (1475-1564). You may not know it, but every single existing panel by Michelangelo was actually egg tempera. 


What is Oil Paint? 

In its simplest form, oil paint is a mixture of three things: pigment, binder, and thinner. The pigment is the color element, while the binder (the oil) is the liquid vehicle or carrier which holds the ground-up pigment to be applied to the canvas or whatever support is to be painted. 

A thinner is usually added to the viscous pigment-oil mixture to make it easier to apply with a brush. Thus, for example, one of the simplest oil paints might contain a mixture of red iron oxide (the pigment), linseed oil (the binder), and turpentine (the thinner). Oil paint may also contain a number of other additives, to promote drying, appearance, and other actions. 

 What Sort of Oil is Used in Oil Paint? 

Unlike tempera, acrylic paint, watercolor, or gouache, all of which dry by evaporation, oil paint dries by oxidation - meaning, the oil reacts chemically with oxygen in the air and gradually changes from a liquid to a gel and finally becomes hard. 

What Types of Oils are Used in Oil Paint? 

The most popular type of oil used in painting is linseed oil because (unlike other vegetable oils like olive or canola oil) it dries by oxidation. Linseed oil is what Ayasha prefers to use. Linseed oil is not the only drying (or siccative) oil: safflower, poppy seed, or walnut oil may also be used, depending on the sheen, drying time and other effects required by the painter. However, linseed oil tends to dry faster and, in the process, forms a more flexible paint film that can be reworked more easily. Note also, that pigments do not dry at the same speed: charcoal black oil paint, for instance, tends to be slower to dry while red/yellow ochre hardens much faster.