COVID-19 Impact on Fashion Ayasha Products

The COVID-19 pandemic is already ushering in a host of challenges to US industrial manufacturers, especially those that depend on workers whose jobs cannot be carried out remotely. This pandemic has created some challenges for brand name companies such as Fashion Ayasha. 



Safeguarding consumer and workforce health is priority number-one among Fashion Ayasha brand and governments. The health of workers with manufactures that are connected to Fashion Ayasha has affected the time of the production for some products. Manufactures that our company is dealing with are short of employees due to the COVID-19 pandemic impacting some of their workers health and performance.

Another issue throughout the United States that manufacturers and brands are faced with is the high-demand for certain products. With a lack of workers at some manufacturing plants throughout the Unites States that produce the most high demanding products such as face masks and other products it is resulting in longer production and shipping time. 

Fashion Ayasha brand is dedicated to providing transparency with it's consumers and serving them the best that we can. Within the blog you will find posts that are related to high demand products such as face masks. As a consumer you will be able to see the expected production and shipping times there for the products that are in high demand. 

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Fashion Ayasha would like to thank you for your loyalty with the brand as well as your patience. We encourage you to contact us with any questions or concerns related to any products you are interested in and/or ordering with our brand. 

Fashion Ayasha can be contacted through the main website via email, or by direct emailing Feel free to also contact us by phone at 231-250-1260. Again thank you for your dedication and loyalty to our brand. We truly value you as a consumer. 

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