Trending Clothing Fashion - Ayasha
Trending Clothing Fashion - Ayasha

Black Designer Short Sleeve T-Shirt

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 Black Designer Short Sleeve T-Shirt is ready to be your new favorite for go-to, everyday comfort. Ayasha is a new brand created by Indigenous Ojibwe Fine Artist and Designer Ayasha Loya. She is a female, Native American, a veteran who developed her business from her creative strengths and cultural talents as a woman. Her goal is to provide culturally diversified products in a connected creative fashion with the ability to "Empower Cultural Connection" through her designs. Ayasha embraces her Ojibwa roots in which the flower logo represents.  
  • High-quality Polyester T-Shirt for a soft, comfortable choice
  • Especially design for excellence in printing
  • Environmentally and socially responsible manufacturing
  • 100% polyester 'cotton-feel'

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