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Fresh Sage Leaves Small Leather Handbag

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Crafted in sage sprigs on a pure white background Fresh Sage Leaves Small Leather Handbag features adjustable shoulder straps to accommodate you. It's signature design promises everlasting appeal, while refined hardware lends a sophisticated finish. Ayasha invites you to connect with the Indigenous traditional cultural ways through the introduction of sage through Fresh Sage Leaves Small Leather Handbag.

In the Native American culture used are varieties of sage for medicinal purposes as well as religious ceremonies. The burning of Sage in smudging ceremonies is to drive out evil spirits, negative thoughts, and feelings, and to keep negative entities away. The root still can be found useful to Ojibwa like Ayasha in three ways: as an anti-convulsive, on wounds to stop bleeding, and as a stimulant. Most traditional Ojibwa uses sage as a medicinal. 


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